Is Joe Garner leave us? Plus Perchio, Matty and Moses: news roundup

With the news confirmed that Matt Thornhill has left for an initial month’s loan (possibly to be extended) at Cheltenham Town, Vital Forest report that combative-and-mardy-but-kind-of-likeable forgottenĀ man Joe Garner could also be leaving the City Ground on loan, to either Carlisle or Millwall.

In the meantime, Colin Neil Warnock has said that Forest have not bid for Victor Moses (despite reports elsewhere suggesting that he could be a Red by next Tuesday), and Messrs Hughton and Calderwood still hope to prise James Perch away from Forest (with Chris Hughton refuting Billy Davies’ earlier claims that Newcastle were playing dirty tricks by publicising the bid).

Nottingham Forest's Robert Earnshaw (right) celebrates with Chris Cohen

Other Reds in the news include Lee Camp confirming that he thinks talk of an England call-up is ridiculous (in case you are interested I would pick Hart, Green and Robinson in that order – let Campo play in the Premier League first), and Chris Cohen waxing lyrical about Billy’s touchline antics and tactical nous. The comments on the latter article show just how popular a player young Chrissy has become, and deservedly so!

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  1. Youuuuuu Redssssss

    but why bother? waste of time and effort….. not having a dig, i like this site but there are so many sites/forums that say the same thing. These stories are old news

  2. ben

    You Reds – That’s a ridiculous thing to say. You’ve read it, so it’s a waste of time someone bothering to post it on a site where you didn’t read first?

    The only waste of time in all of this, was you re-reading something you had read elsewhere, and then bothering to post that it was a waste of time.

    To the OP – keep up the good work. I hadn’t heard any of these stories. I am now off to find them on another site where I can tell them they are wasting their time ‘cus I just read it…

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  4. Rish eighteensixtyfive

    Steady on people.

    I would hope that the title “News Roundup” is fairly self-explanatory. We do these because we know that there a lot of people who don’t subscribe to news feeds/forums/messageboards and like to get the news and tittle-tattle in one easy morsel.

    We do not claim (and have never done so) to provide a “breaking news” service, simply because we are not journalists and have day jobs to keep us busy – however, these posts will hopefully make “old news” more digestible and occasionally we hope to add a new slant to the stories.

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