Raddy makes team of the week: news roundup

Following his stunning/lucky/wind-assisted/goalkeeper-assisted (delete as applicable) goal on Saturday, young Pole Raddy Majewski has been named in the Football League’s Team of the Week (alongside ex-Red Sammy Clingan, who scored another cracking free-kick at the weekend).

In other news, Forest have been linked with Leeds left-back Alan Sheehan, currently enjoying a renaissance in form whilst on loan to Oldham Athletic (don’t be fooled by this talk of him being a striker, that is simply shoddy journalism).

Sven favourite and Forest hate-figure David Platt has been linked with the managerial position at Notts County. Even though Charlie is still the manager. Is it April Fools’ Day already?

Finally, a real treat from one of our favourite newspapers (which Rahoul had already posted on Twitter): a rant about … well, everything to do with the management from boardroom downwards, it seems. The article attacks Messrs Pleat, Doughty, Arthur and Davies, but makes no discernible point about anything really.

2 Comments Raddy makes team of the week: news roundup

  1. Baggaz

    Raddy is my hero, amazing scout for Calderwood’s men then brilliant for Billy’s to eventually get him haha! 2 minutes it took him to score on English soil, 54 seconds to score against Derby and he shows 90 minutes every game of pure class. McGugan has something to aspire to, and I think he’ll improve to such a point as to make England squad in maybe 8 years or so, simply because he’s got good competition now :D

  2. Rish

    Baggaz – I couldn’t agree more – this is healthy competition for Lewis and although they are similar ages, Lewis could learn a lot about work rate and using the ball from Raddy.

    I just hope that we don’t lose either of them if things continue to go well for the Reds.


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