No Big Sam

Blackburn have appointed Sam Allardyce as their new manager.

Who does that leave for us?

Our Nigel – if the step up from League One to Championship is too much for CC why would Nigel be able to make an even bigger leap? Plus there are many rumours that he dislikes the club for how the board treated Sir Brian.
Roy Keane – did well at saving Sunderland in the Championship. But would he want to come back here and would we let him, given his departure?
Neil Warnock – he obviously has a soft spot for Forest and is a great manager; provided he’s on your side and not the opposition’s. But would we accept his dirty tricks and style of play?
Billy Davies – did well at Preston and at first at Derby (I reckon he was shafted by their board a bit). But not popular with either sets of fans now, which probably tells a tale.
Paul Ince – I think he’s got the makings of a great manager … one day.
Johnson, Martinez, Coppell – never gonna happen
Brian Laws – see above
Colin Calderwood – better the devil you know?

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  1. Gary

    Since when has Neil Warnock had a soft spot for Forest? He hates Forest & the Forest fans hate him. Being generous to him, he has alwyas been a pretty useful manager. But his football teams play an awful style of football. Warnocks teams much like him lack style and substance. I for one would hate every minute at the City Ground should he ever become our manager. Possibles for me are Paul Ince, Billy Davies (who was badly let down by the Derby board), Roy Keane or probably the best for Forest would be Alan Curbishley. His teams play attractive football, He would command respect from the players & he has experience at Championship & Premiership level. That said, I still believe that if there whilst there is ever a chance of us surviving i the Championship I do not see Calderwood leaving or being sacked by the club.

  2. Rish eighteensixtyfive

    If I remember rightly, Nigel actually came out and said that he wouldn’t want to come back to Forest because of the way that the club treated his Dad. That was a long time ago though, and he did subsequently sign on loan under Stuart Pearce’s tenure (and of course, we have got through about four different chairmen and boards since then).

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